Business Bundle


Let me give you the tools to win

Let’s get one thing straight…

It’s time for you to let go of everything that’s holding you back and weighing you down.

Whether that’s your excuses, your lack of discipline, the drama and negativity in your life, toxic friends and family, overwhelm, confusion, procrastination, or whatever else…

Stop letting it drag you down.  Stop letting it waste your potential.  And stop letting it kill your dreams.

You’re better than that.

That’s why I’m giving you the same tools I used to take my pain and struggles and turn them into the foundation for my success.

You can do the same…

If you put in the work, you can transform your ground zero into something great.

This bundle will help you…


🐺 Develop your mindset to think and operate like an entrepreneur

🐺 Gain clarity and reverse-engineer your path to success

🐺 Build discipline and other habits to stay on track (even when you don’t feel motivated)

🐺 Eliminate distractions and zero in on the 5 pillars that have the biggest impact on your business – Finance, Branding, Marketing, Infrastructure, and Leadership

🐺 Raise your brand awareness across digital platforms

🐺 Share your brand’s vision and mission consistently and coherently to your customers and online audience

🐺 Help you become the best version of yourself

Luis Garcia CEO & Founder of Law of Ambition

About Luis

Self-made entrepreneur and author of two books, Luis Garcia, created a 7 figure media company, Red Wolf Entertainment, whilst deployed in Afghanistan. Since then, he’s become a much-sought-after consultant and strategist for Fortune 500 companies, personal and celebrity clients to help them amplify their brands on social media.

Through his personal brand, Law of Ambition, Luis has mentored over 200 people in entrepreneurship, leadership, mindset and discipline. His newest venture and passion project, Milan Candles, has been founded with the sole purpose of rescuing, rehabilitating, and supporting survivors of sex trafficking through the non profit “Milan’s Mission”.

Featured In


Elizabeth Williams, Rolls Royce Testimonial for Law of Ambition
Rolls Royce North America

"It has been a pleasure working with you and your companies including @LawofAmbition and @MilanCandles throughout the years. We greatly appreciate your attention to details as professional approach to all of your projects. I would likely recommend your brands throughout the industry from automotive and beyond."

Elizabeth Williams
 - Product Communications Officer
April Donelson, Haute Living Testimonial for Law of Ambition
Haute Living Magazine

"I have no words for what a special person, and beautiful human being you are. Thank you so much to you and your team, for going absolutely above in any way. And for every single one of you. Thank you."

April Donelson
 - Senior Vice President
Tom Bilyeu Testimonial for Law of Ambition
Impact Theory

"Luis Garcia is one the most die-hard motherf*ckers I've ever met. His hustle commands respect."

Tom Bilyeu
 - CEO & Founder
Andy Frisella, 75 Hard Testimonial for Law of Ambition
1st Phorm

"Luis is a genuine guy who's never given up and always pushed for the best results. A stand up man who always speaks from experience and backs up his ambition with his work ethic."

Andy Frisella
 - CEO & Founder
Amanda Holmes, Chet Holmes International Testimonial for Law of Ambition
Chet Holmes International

"I'm absolutely amazed by what Luis does. He practices what he preaches. He's built millions of followers time and time again and can charge double to triple what the average marketer can because he knows how to build elite brands. Brilliant. I can't wait to see what he creates over the next ten years, it's pretty amazing what he's been able to do in just the last four that I've had the pleasure of working with him."

Amanda Holmes
 - CEO
Jeramiah Solven Testimonial for Law of Ambition
Conquer Academy

"Luis has personally helped me transition from active duty to entrepreneurship.  He showed me how to get my message out there to multiple audiences.  I can’t speak highly enough of him.  His ability to push you beyond what you think you're capable of is admirable - he's always telling me to think bigger and better.  You can’t replace someone like that, they’re simply priceless."

Jeramiah Solven
 - CEO