To arm you with the tactical skills, mental toughness, and no-bullshit leadership you need to excel in business and life.

No Sympathy, No Limits

Immersive Tactical Training with Law of Ambition

At Law of Ambition, we believe that excellence is achieved through uncompromising discipline, laser-sharp focus, and bold, decisive leadership

Our No Sympathy Shooting Event is an immersive tactical training experience designed to push you beyond your limits and develop you into a mentally tough, focused, and disciplined leader.

Led by experienced tactical professionals, this event will challenge you to make split-second decisions under pressure, overcome obstacles, and develop the mental, physical, and emotional resilience needed to succeed in any situation.

Join Luis Garcia - Army Combat Veteran & Serial Entrepreneur

For a day of intense training designed to take your leadership skills, discipline, and focus to the next level


  • State-of-the-art firearms and ammunition provided (personal firearms welcome)
  • World-class instruction from seasoned tactical professionals
  • Individualized coaching and feedback for rapid skill development
  • Full-day immersive experience (9am - 4pm)


  • Exclusive dinner with Luis
  • Priority training
  • Professional event photos
  • The confidence to trust your instincts and make tough calls under pressure

  • Mental fortitude to stay focused and composed in the face of adversity

  • Discipline to push through challenges and consistently perform at your best

  • Leadership presence that commands respect and inspires others to action

  • Tactical problem-solving skills to quickly adapt and overcome obstacles

  • A shift in mindset from limitations to limitless possibilities

Our Next Event Is On

June 9, 2024

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